How were temples removed from reality after surrender?

Diolan Bezerra rang the bell and gave up.”farm 2022” (RecordTV) Kal. A request to leave the program was completed after a few events.

On Saturday afternoon, Barbara Borges returned to the residence after choosing a mock garden. since then, The lawyer had previously expressed her desire to quit the game because she felt “heartbroken”.🇧🇷

At night, Dylan’s sisters, Diane and Danielle, went to the door of the country estate where the event was taped and used fireworks and a car to sound.🇧🇷

The sisters drew crowds of fans, who joined together to demand the release of the temples. Diane and Daniel claim that the woman’s mother was taken to the hospital.

They stayed at the residence’s doorstep until the next day, Sunday, when Deulan withdrew from the event.

Find out how Devele left home:

In the afternoon, Devle was advised to go to the locker of the house

Photo: Playback / PlayPlus

In the room, the woman is alerted that her mother has been admitted to the hospital

A Fazenda 2022: Devala calls her mother to tell her - Replay / Playplus - Replay / Playplus
Photo: Playback / PlayPlus

Then I went to the workshop.

A Fazenda 2022: Workshop Dolls - Reproduction / Playplus - Reproduction / Playplus
Photo: Playback / PlayPlus

There the bell rang

Farm 2022: Deolane Bezerra rings the bell - Cloning / Playplus - Cloning / Playplus
Photo: Playback / PlayPlus

He announced his resignation

“I am here to tell you that I have received medical information about my mother and I quit the game. There was a lot of trouble that night, a lot of fires and I don’t know what’s going on there and I don’t want to trade my peace for money.”he said

A Fazenda 2022: Devala's last talk on the show - Clone / PlayPlus - Clone / PlayPlus
Photo: Playback / PlayPlus

As she exited the workshop, a “ninja” (production member) was already waiting for her

A Fazenda 2022: Deolane to be removed by Ninja - Clone / Playplus - Clone / Playplus
Photo: Playback / PlayPlus

Biwa followed the “ninja” to the gate

A Fazenda 2022: Devala leaves the farm with ninjas - Replay / Playplus - Replay / Playplus
Photo: Playback / PlayPlus

And leaving the rural estate, he crossed it.

A Fazenda 2022: Devle quits the show - Clone / PlayPlus - Clone / PlayPlus
Photo: Playback / PlayPlus

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Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV

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