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Actor Tom Welling achieved great success in portraying the role of “Clark Kent”.Smallville: The Adventures of SuperboyCreated by Alfred Goff and Miles Miller, the series originally aired on The WB and The CW and ran for a total of 10 seasons and 217 episodes.

After arriving on Earth during a meteor shower, Clark is adopted by farmers Martha and Jonathan Kent, who lived on the farm during his teenage years. With superpowers, he has to deal with the daily problems of adolescence and live the life of a normal young woman.

The creators had the idea to focus on his story before he became Superman. Initially, Welling had no intention of becoming an actor. He was discovered by a scout while on vacation in Nantucket.

After that, she moved to Lake George and started her career as a photo model. He was part of commercials and appeared in a music video for singer Angela Vita. But it was on “Smallville” that Tom rose to fame, outliving the character from the beginning to the end of the series.

The star was born in Putnam Valley, New York, USA and is currently 45 years old. He is married to Jessica Rose Lee and they have two children. His most recent job was as Sam and Dean Winchester’s grandfather in the series ‘The Winchesters’.

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