How much money can a new blog make?

There’s no limit to the amount of money you can make as a blogger. However, don’t think it’s a get-rich-quick scheme either.

It takes a while to make money blogging. It takes even longer to earn enough to make a living out of it.

But what I love about blogging is that hard work pays off. The amount of money you earn is a direct relation to the amount of work you put in.

If you do the right things (in the right order), you will make money blogging.

Here is an estimate on how much money a new blog can make:

Year 1. Expect to be making $500 per month by the end of the year with display ads and affiliate marketing.Year 2. Expect to be earning $1,500 per month with ads, sponsored posts, and higher-priced affiliate products.

  • Year 3. By this stage, you can earn $3,000+ per month selling your own digital products.

How to accelerate your earning potential

You can blog for years and years and never make any money. To make money blogging, you need to know the following:

what topic to blog about (profitable niche)what to write about (high keyword volume)how to build a following (start an email list)

  • what to sell and how to sell it (affiliate marketing)

That is a lot, especially when you’re a new blogger. Nobody knows how to do everything, at least at first.

What separates the pro bloggers from the hobby bloggers is a willingness to invest in their knowledge.

It wasn’t until I learned how to build a content marketing business that I begin to make money. It was a mindset shift that changed everything.

I created several blogging courses to help new bloggers navigate the process. You can check out my own courses here.

How blogs make money in 2020

Blogging itself doesn’t pay you a thing.

What you are actually building is a business.

Your blog is just the mechanism you use to get traffic to your business.

Bloggers make money from different methods:

Display ads. Placing ads on their blogs and getting paid per click. With Google Adsense, for example.Affiliate marketing. Recommending products and being paid by commission. Such as links to products on Amazon.Sponsored posts. This is when a company pays a blogger to review their product and share their experience. See my guide to getting sponsored posts here.

  • Creating and selling their own digital products. This is the best way to make money online since there’s nobody to share any of the profits with.

How blogs can get traffic

When I started blogging, I wrote A TON of blog posts and got ZERO traffic.

I made several mistakes:

My content wasn’t personal. No story. Just facts.No keyword research. I wrote whatever I wanted to write about.

  • Lots of content. But none of it actually solved a problem.

As a result, my first year of blogging was a total bust.

Things started to change when I implemented the following changes:

Listened to what problems people in my niche were having.Started solving problems my ideal reader had.Wrote articles targeting keyword phrases that actually get searched for.Created content with a specific purpose (get a share, get a subscriber, get a sale).

  • Dove head-first into one traffic source: Pinterest.

Pinterest was the game-changer for me.

See, Pinterest isn’t actually a social network. It is in fact a search engine – just like Google. It’s where people go to be inspired and learn how to do new things.

Pinterest for bloggers is a match made in heaven. Imagine, a huge site whose only goal is to send you traffic!

Once I started using Pinterest to promote my blog, my blog traffic exploded.

It wasn’t until I started using Tailwind that I began to see a huge spike in traffic. With Tailwind you can pin on a schedule so you can pin consistently and at peak hours.

Why you need an email list

It’s difficult to make money directly selling in a blog post. After all, a reader doesn’t yet know who you are. What you need to do is build trust. And trust takes time to build.

In comes the email list.

With an email list, you can grow your base of followers and have a direct line of communication with them.

I use ConvertKit and DSF readers can unlock email-sending capability to 1,000 free subscribers by using this link.

Here’s a sample breakdown of what a blogger can earn by sending one email to your list.

Imagine you have 10,000 subscribers on your email list. (By the way, that means getting about 14 subscribers daily for 2 years. You can do this!)Send an email out to your list offering a $250 product like a course or a program. (It’s way better to create your own products, so you reap 100% of the profits. Yes, you can do this too!)If you wrote a good subject line, 30% of your subscribers will open the email. (That’s 3,000 eyeballs on your product.)Your goal is then to get 10% of those people to actually click the link to view your product. (That’s 300 clicks to your product page.)Convert just 10% of those clicks into product sales. (That’s 30 people.)

  • Well if my math is correct, that means sending one email generated you 30 sales at $250 each = $7,500! Not too shabby for one email, eh?

Now imagine if your list was twice as big. Imagine if you improved your open rate to 40%. Imagine you increase your click rate to 15%. Imagine what would happen if your conversion rate was twice as good.

And what if you develop a second product, and a third, and a fourth.

Catching my drift? We’re talking serious money here!

How to become a successful blogger in 2020

Step 1: Choose a domain name and set up hosting. Follow the steps to start a blog here.Step 2: Choose a blog theme. I recommend Divi. Follow the steps here to design your blog.Step 3: Start writing! Follow my blog post template here. Use Grammarly to help you write better.Step 4: Start an email list with ConvertKit. See how to start an email list here.
Step 5: Get traffic to your blog posts. I get my traffic from Pinterest and Google search.

  • Step 6: Monetize your blog. Start with ads and low-cost affiliate products first.

If you’re serious about not only starting a. blog, but creating a real business that makes money, I recommend you look at my blogging courses page here.

If you learned something from this article or if it has inspired you to make money blogging, I’d love it if you saved it on Pinterest!

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