The former ‘One Direction’ member stars in Olivia Wilde’s buzzy thriller “Don’t Worry Darling.”

VENICE, Italy — Harry Styles will never be just a singer-songwriter, he’s now an actor and fashion powerhouse.

The former member of the British pop boy band “One Direction” has shed his musician skin for the lead role alongside Oscar nominee Florence Pugh. Highly anticipated The dystopian thriller “Don’t Worry Darling”, directed by Olivia Wilde.

The film was his. The buzzy world premiere At the Venice International Film Festival on Monday, behind-the-scenes controversy and, above all, fashion, took the internet and the world by storm.

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Styles arrived on the Venice carpet dripping in a navy blue Gucci suit with plunging shoulders and a peaked collar, Sarah Karmali, executive editor (digital) of Harper’s Bazaar, told The Associated Press.

Laura Jordan, fashion and lifestyle features director at Grazia magazine, said Styles’ partnership with her stylist Harry Lambert had created “absolute magic”.

“(Styles’ fashion) always has this kind of retro butt-camp vibe. He likes big collars, colorful shades, lots and lots of Gucci,” Jordan said.

In 2018, Styles began building his personal style and brand by becoming one of the ambassadors for Italian fashion house Gucci. Styles has worn the brand in several editorial campaigns, but the most notable was the outfit she wore for the November 2020 Vogue cover. The musician-actor was the fashion magazine’s first solo male cover star.

The much-talked-about cover shows Styles in an open green field under a clear sky and dressed in a blue dress designed by Gucci’s Alessandro Michele, which is laced with black lace for a pop of contrast. There was air, multiple ruffle tiers and to top it off – a classic black blazer

Since his transition from boy band member to solo artist with multiple best-selling albums, he’s become synonymous with a flamboyant signature look – with ’70s-inspired three-piece suits and flared bell bottoms. A colorful array of jumpsuits and the occasional feather boa. , mimicking the likes of Elton John.

Each outfit for her “Love On Tour 2022,” which currently includes an impressive 15-day residency at New York’s Madison Square Garden, creates a pattern.

Dressed exclusively in Gucci each night, Styles wore a two-piece jumpsuit filled with a different pattern, from stripes to dots, all in bright colors like red, pink, blue and yellow.

If there’s one takeaway from the evolution of Styles’ personal wardrobe, it’s that it’s personal, eclectic, and most of all, fun.

“Harry Styles knows exactly who Harry Styles is,” Jordan said.

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