The adorable original film follows five emotional feelings in the mind of a middle schooler.

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Seven years after “Inside Out” debuted, Disney’s Pixar has made its plans for the sequel official.

the studio said on Twitter on Friday that Amy Poehler will once again play the role of Joy – the symbol of happiness in middle schooler Riley’s head. Kelsey Mann will direct, Mark Nielsen will produce and Meg Le Favre will return to write.

Pixar said “Inside Out 2” will be released in the summer of 2024. No title has been announced yet, and casting and plot details are limited.

However, Poehler did share some news at Disney Fan Expo D23 on Friday. The comedian and actor said the sequel will continue to follow Riley and her emotions — with some new twists.

“We’re going to get back into the head of our hero Riley, but she’s going to be a teenager now,” Poehler told The Hollywood Reporter After the announcement. “We all know that when we become teenagers, our heads start to fill with new emotions that are very difficult, complicated and difficult to understand. I think Joey will be very confused about what these new emotions are. How to handle intruders in your girl’s head.”

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Poehler said the sequel will embrace the “catastrophe” of puberty as Riley grows up and discovers who she is as a person. He didn’t say what the new emotions would be but hinted that “I bet you can guess some of them.”

Pete Docter, who directed the original computer-animated film, said a sequel is in early production.

The original “Inside Out” follows Poehler’s character Joy along with Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black) and Disgust (Mandy Kaling) as Riley travels from Minnesota to San Francisco on her way to San Francisco. Accommodates family move.

Pixar has not confirmed if any stars other than Poehler will return for the sequel.

‘Inside Out 2’ wasn’t the only upcoming movie that Pixar revealed Friday. The studio shared a first look at “Elio,” the adventure of a boy who “finds himself transported across the galaxy and mistaken for a space ambassador for our planet Earth.”

Pixar said “Alive” will be released in spring 2024.

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