Here's everything we know about Barbara's return

“The first fake garden offarm 2022” (RecordTV) was founded with Deolane Bezerra, Bárbara Borges and Pétala Barreiros. The actress emerged as the big winner with 52.32% of the votes and went straight to Rancho.

As explained by presenter Adrienne GalistouShe will stay there till Saturday. Today, the farmer will be able to choose two participants to surprise her.

At the farm, they could talk, see some pictures of the headquarters, and at the end of the afternoon, the two guests would have to go back to the headquarters without saying anything to the other workers.

If anyone said anything about the pawns, the three would be electrocuted.

On Saturday, Biwa will return to the headquarters and surprise everyone. However, the time has not been announced yet.

After fake farm scores, who is the favorite pawn to win ‘A Fazenda 2022’?

the sum of 262 desire

Farm 2022: Who is the Farmer of the Week? See who’s wearing the hat

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Fact: Brazil on TV

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