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Tatá Werneck has released an acid comment about Jade Picon’s acting career. Presenter lady of the night I tried to encourage Luciana Jimenez To act and use the hero infection For example. Luciana revealed that her dream was always to be an actress, but she was prevented from doing so because her mother was already a famous artist in the field. “Do nothing and be a star,” shot the comedian.

RedeTV staff! Tell us about your unfulfilled career aspirations on Lady Night, which airs on Wednesday (14) at midnight on the multishow. She explained, “I really wanted to be an actress, but I had a problem because my mother was an actress and I didn’t want to be my mother’s daughter.”

“I wasted a lot of time,” Luciana continued. I wanted to do something different, so I wanted to become a model. But today I feel that I should have been an actress from the beginning.” “But there is still time. Jed Picken did not act at all,” joked Tata. Check out the following excerpt:

Lucas Jaeger’s mother has indicated that she likes presenting the superpop because she can talk to guests about different topics, but will accept acting. “If they invite me to do something in a serial, to be an actress, I am ready for many things. I want to open this fan I want to play a villain, that would be great🇧🇷 People hate me.

When asked about going to BBB, Luciana said that she would love to do a reality show. “The bathroom issue is something that worries me a bit, I have a thing for bathrooms. I won’t last long there. If I only had a bathroom for me and my doctor and my cell phone, I would go,” he laughs.

Tata and Luciana also discussed the downside of fame. The model criticized the lack of privacy in intimate moments. “When you’re famous, you lose your right to be a normal person, I don’t think that’s fair. I have my personal life, my pain. I am like everyone else.” The difference is that I suffer and everyone sees me sufferventilation.

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