The Italian Dito von Teese decided to develop a series of graphics to reintroduce the most famous form Disney. Imagine what the most beloved on-screen creature would look like if one day, it took on real life form. Despite the boldness, it seems that the result was amazing, attracting the attention of the audience on social networks, where the creation was shared.

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Save the memories

Even if you decide to imagine and try to embody the numbers marked in your childhood, it is not easy to put them on paper.

The young painter managed to do this without any problems, despite expressing his passion for films that marked the lives of many others. Cheshire, Mickey and Goofy’s Alice in Wonderland are renditions.

A unique greeting

A collection of digital works is useful to the gallery and is free to those who wish to view it Von Teese said. Artists who use digital painting to express themselves use this platform for portfolio presentation purposes. However, he decided not to show his face, even though he studied at a major university in Italy.

Riddles surrounding the author

Not just an impressive performer, the enigmatic personality of the man behind the nickname has ramifications and leaves questions. After all, why would a genius want to hide? Perhaps this is a way of drawing attention to his artistic vision, representing caricatures and mixing surrealism with modern comedic adaptations.

In the Stylized Dolls series ‘I’m a doll’, famous people have conquered their own versions of cute supermodels. Queen Elizabeth, Freddie Mercury and Frida Kahlo are some of the creations. in DetologyOne of Von Teese’s first artistic adventures, the stars appear to be depicted as thumbs, but they are impossible to identify while exhibiting their unique characteristics and passing precisely on what the art suggests, identification is the amalgamation of many visual elements. .

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