Gretchen beats up her boyfriend after he tries to kiss her in Qatar

Gretchen, 63, lashed out at her husband, saxophonist Esdras de Souza, 48, after he tried to kiss her in public in Qatar while she was at Doha airport. Due to the Middle Eastern country’s strict rules, the singer asked if the boyfriend was “crazy”.

It all started when a saxophonist decided to compliment his girlfriend on the couple’s trip to Qatar. Esdras said that Gretchen speaks Arabic and mixed English. The couple was in the Middle Eastern country for the singer’s work World Cup 2022🇧🇷

“I was thinking here that my wife was a warrior when she was in Qatar. do you know I speak a little English, I understand a little, she speaks three languages ​​and the question is: People in Qatar mix Arabic and English.. It’s crazy and she managed to understand your great majesty. That’s why she’s a queen. Shall we kiss?” he asked.

With a stoic face, Gretchen agrees to her husband’s request, refusing the kiss. And he replied: “No, are you crazy?!”.

He later says that she cursed him earlier as he tries to kiss her in the street.

“The funny thing is we were trying to get off the elevator at the boarding gate and I was kissing her. She said, ‘You can’t do this.

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