Many netizens questioned the actress for ignoring the clothes she wore

Photo: Playback / Instagram / @masafera
Photo: Playback / Instagram / @masafera

Some celebrities suffer from negative comments from the internet. This time, the one who didn’t escape was the actress Thank you whistle🇧🇷 The blonde It faces numerous criticisms and generates different opinions on the internet. It all started when she was spotted with her daughter, Sophia RaymondThursday evening (22) at a mall in Rio de Janeiro.

After photos of the two circulated online, some fans started criticizing the actress’ choice of clothes. According to internet reviews, thank you While she was fully clothed, Sofia showed off a more stripped-down and simple — her “stay at home” outfit — look. And for that, Female passenger He was accused of laziness.

The division of opinion was further strengthened when, on Instagram, Gossip Do Diya posted a comment about her choice. thank you And that Sofia. “Honestly, there’s no way I’m not going to comment on it. I’m a mom and I don’t think it’s good to go out all dressed up and be in my house clothes next to my daughter. It just looks lazy. “A netizen who posted the page drew it.

While some netizens agreed with the comment, others came forward to defend her choice of clothing Sofia🇧🇷 “A girl is beautiful in a pre-teen outfit and doesn’t need to be put together to look something.”A profile said. “They don’t understand that teenagers wear what they want, when and if they want.” Post record.

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