The Best of the Year awards ceremony, presented annually, is usually a “show party” intended to celebrate Globo’s own achievements. This year was different. It was a farewell party to the tune of “Domingao do Haque” – from the Bolsonaro government.

With the help of Paolo Vieira, Fabio Borchat and Tata Wernicke, presenter Luciano gives way to a series of jokes with a hack government that culminates. It was Paulo Vieira who made the most of it: “If I don’t win today, I won’t accept defeat.

But in general the tone of the protests was more serious. Osmar Prado, winner of the supporting actor category for his role in the telenovela Pantanal, gave a long speech. And he said:

“I want to publish it [o prêmio] With the reaction of people on the street. Through this series, we have been able to bring a little joy to those who have been mistreated and disrespected over the past four years. “On January 1 we will be able to rebuild everything,” Osmar said.

The “Best of the Year” award also felicitated personalities who spearheaded initiatives of a social nature. One of them was Edson Light, creator of Gastronomia Peripherica in São Paulo, who told the crowd, “We’re here to celebrate. We’re here to say we’re alive, you know, more books, less guns!”

William Bonner, recipient of the award as a journalist, also celebrated the end of the Bolsonaro government: “Renata (Le Prete), Cesare (Traile) and I represent not only our colleagues at Globo, but the whole class, who have had a lot in recent times. Dedicated their efforts to bringing light, information to the people and as Lulu Santos said in partnership with Nelson Mota, it’s great to see here now: everything passes, everything will always pass.

“I want to dedicate this award to all cultural professionals. I believe we’ll have an active sector from January,” said Andrusha Waddington, director of the award-winning Under Pressure series.

Luciano Hack also tackled the subject more enthusiastically: “Now the Ministry of Culture is finally back. The Culture Minister is back. Look what a wonderful thing. Now Minister of Culture!” “Viva Margaret Menezes,” added Paulo Vieira.

Huck ended the program with a congratulatory note: “Here you go, Merry Christmas. May this year be filled with good health, peace, and lots of love. Let this cycle begin by picking up the pieces of this ‘we heal open wounds’ country. We are one people, united, from one end to the other we have to wear the same shirt.

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