Globo has been discontinued red earth As the title of the telenovela that will replace Travesia, from May. The name he chose And Sir Carrasco It is already in the author’s book of Parana Domingos Pellegrini and no deal has been made to buy the brand.

source of news A complex situation involving the name of Walsir Carrasco underscored his story summary and said Globo was looking for another address. Options Terra Mai and Terra Bruta were considered by the research team for the next 9 o’clock TV series, but have not yet been hammered out.

Information about the frequency in the title was broadcast by Historia Television. Negotiations were going on for some time regarding the purchase of the names. The case involving A Donna do Pedaco is just one example. The audience leader, however, It is to reduce costs and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Everything is solved quietly behind the scenes of creation. The perception is that there is no reason to spend money negotiating a book title and it is better to choose a different title.

Meanwhile, the The product is being announced In titles like “New Series at Nine”. Searched by column, and Globo only noted that “the name is still being determined. That’s why it came without calling.”

Inspiration from the author’s childhood

In a synopsis delivered in October, the author said the series was inspired by his childhood memories. According to Carrasco, his uncle Domingos, his mother’s brother, moved to Dorados, in the region of Mato Grosso do Sul. “That’s when I heard Tera Vermelha for the first time,” he wrote.

However, the plot will be a current TV series, in which the last steps of agricultural technology are combined with a large farm, mixing the modern and the old in a new form.

“The memory of Lal Bhoomi remained in my memory. It was a good land for farming, which made farming profitable. My uncle did not pay. The red land never left my imagination. Thanks to that, fortune was built, because it is a productive land. Large plantations were established and farms expanded. And until now, when I returned to the Dorados region for my research, I confirmed: Red earth is more expensive. That was my childhood memory, yes, real,” he said in his series synopsis.

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