Wet land It’s not over yet, but many names on the cast already have new projects as this reimagining of Benedito Ruy Barbosa’s work reaches its final chapter.

Leandro Lima, translator Levi – who chases after Moda (Bela Campos) and confronts Juma (Alanis Guillen) – is on the team to decide the next encounter. Sign in with the competition.

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The winning team…

Wet land

Leandro has agreed to create a new attraction with Netflix. He will be opposite Giovanna Lancelotti in the corresponding production.

The broadcast giant seems to be committed to recruiting actors from the Pantanal. Lima was not the only one to shut down the platform in recent days…

Therefore, it can be said that Netflix plans to use the success of Globo Feuilleton to boost its efforts, with faces that, while familiar, have gained prominence with the remake.

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Next station

Wet land

Aline Burgess has also signed a deal with the platform, according to journalist Patricia Kogot. However, there is no information about what project she is going to do there. It is also not known whether the TV series actress will meet her co-star on the project.

It’s worth noting that Aline was also on GloboPlay, a similar service to Grupo Globo. Borges is part of the second season of Arcanjo Renegado as Joana, Manuela’s (Rita Guedes) advisor.

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A new beginning

Pantanal - Aline Borges

Alan Borges is a pleasure to hire! Before Pantanal, the artist went through a period of financial hardship. She considered an invitation from Record for the reality show Power Couple Brazil.

Allen will be joining the attraction with her husband, actor Alex Nader. She revealed in interviews that she would receive 80,000 Brazilian reals if she accepted the pledge. Due to the lack of opportunities, Borges considered accepting them; He then got a chance to practice his craft.

We were in a very complicated situation. When we got that call, the money was almost gone. Not that I have anything against those involved, but it was completely different from our objectives,” he said.

“We decided that if nothing came up in a week, we would accept it. Play what they were going to think. We got down on our knees and invited something. It turned out that within a few days we were cast in ‘German 2’.

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