Although he was absent from the role Wade Adams inHe beat me“, actress Jenna Ortega He revealed in an interview that he regretted one of the production’s most famous scenes Tim Burton on Netflix.

The scene in which she created a different choreography during the ball was a hit, copied by many people and animals on the Internet.

Despite this, Ortega revealed in an interview entertainment tonight What could we have done differently to make it better for someone who couldn’t sleep at night?

“It’s one of those scenes that keeps me awake at night because I feel like there’s so much more I should have done and could have done.”I started

“So the fact that people appreciated and emulated these moves is incredible to me.”Accomplishment

When asked if she is aware of the success of her choreography on social networks such as Tik Tok, Jenna explains that she prefers to keep a certain distance because she does not consider the network “healthy”.

“No, I can’t join TikTok. I can’t find all those things. I think, for better or worse, it’s probably not a healthy place to be.”Ortega got it.

Notably, Netflix has renewed “Wandinha” for a second season.

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