Freed said his “bisexual side” was honored by De Ferrero. (Photo: Globo and Instagram)

After the feast BBB23which continued till the early hours of Saturday (28). Unique Filed in siblings above Ferrero’s. The singer was on the show with his fellow singers to entertain the shut-ins. NX zeroMarking the band’s return on a special tour.

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NX Zero enjoyed the band’s tour at BBB23. (Photo: Globe)

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While finishing his bath, the reporter said: “From Ferrero Hone bisexual side A mine that has not been honored for a long time. Gabriel Santana agree: “He’s a cat. And have you seen the bass player?”asked

UniqueThen I nodded my head. “The guitarist is so hot”reinforced Gabriel.

Chatting continued about the band and the influencer announced her presence Ferrero’s His emotions were shaken at the party. “You messed with me a lot. He walked by, looked me hard in the eye, and I paused in confusion. I wasn’t going to take him on my brother’s sidepointing to

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by which sibling to be nominated Bruna Grippo in X Sewall Who is BBB23? Vote now!

BBB23 at POPline

a BBB23 Premiere with lots of news! Thaddeus Schmidt Continue as presenter, Danny Pepperoni Still at “CAT BBB” – as well Paulo Vieira In the “big treatment” – and a new painting with the painter Takes Rafe enough to complete. Through the drawings, you will humorously show all the things that are high in the routine of the participants.

In addition, the most viewed house in Brazil has undergone changes! The aesthetic of confinement promises travel-focused decorWith vibrant colors and objects that represent places in the world.

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