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in likeAnd that Flora (Patricia Pilar) Life will change Irene (Gloria Menezes) in hell Because, in the following cases, Fontini will be in danger of bankruptcy after the merger of bankrupt Fontini and American Wpaper. Having said that, the proceeds from the sale will go directly into Flora’s account.

At first, it will be with the support of Eren, who will not listen to Lara (Mariana Ximenis) or Haley (Kava Raymond), who, at Lara’s request, should not close the deal. The lady, will know everything later and will be shocked as the millionaire killed the snake.

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By then, Fontaine would be on the verge of bankruptcy and Erin would not have the resources to hire workers. The solution would be a new management model: workers would become partners in the company and their salaries would be reduced. Gradually, you will rebuild the business.

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had written the plot Joao Emmanuel Carneiro (same author as Avenida Brasil), starring Claudia Raya and resurrecting Patricia Pilar in 197 chapters. Globo is co-produced by Mariana Ximenez, Koa Raymond, Murillo Benicio, Carmo Dalla Vecchia, Ari Fontura and Julia Gum.

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