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After tipping off Bia Miranda about the game on Saturday (10/12), Vinny Battel was kicked out of the crowd dynamics, the record bounced back and kept the former pawn in A Fazenda.

According to information obtained by this column, the channel came back after it was realized that Vinny would not transmit information external to reality and would say things already recorded during the dynamic.

Vinny Battel on Eliminated Live (Reproduction: PlayPlus)

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During Saturday, Instagram and Twitter profiles shared information that the former pawn was going to tell Bee that Barbara Borges would become a reality star. However, sources in the column denied this fact.

With that said, Vinny should be present for two eliminators and a top five race on Sunday (12/11). The final is next Thursday (12/15) at Fazenda.

On Saturday morning (12/11), the ex-pawn joked about being fired with his stories: “I had a nightmare, a tearful dream that I was kicked out of the program and would just be group bp*r. No, to the joy of some and the sorrow of many, do you think that will happen?”.

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