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30/10/2022 17:39Update in 30/10/2022 17:41

Diva race in doubles was played here todayfarm 2022″ (RecordTV) and the winners are Strawberry Shortcake and Deborah.

The team competing was Lucas, Rowinha, Deborah, Moranguino, Iran and Alex. The test involved finding eggs in a grass maze. There were 6 eggs in total, which the two moved to the tray, which they could not drop. The pair that finds the eggs and takes them to the nest in the shortest time is the winner.

The first pair was Alex and Iran, the second was Lucas and Rovinha. Deborah and Strawberry Shortcake shut down the trial, finding all the eggs before trying to take them.

The booth was set up by pedestrians who lost the race. Deborah gets the lantern after an awkward fight or strawberry shortcake, which earns him R$10,000.

Adrian Galistou reveals one of the powers of the People’s Choice Light. The red power was option B: “The holder of this power must nullify the votes of the two pawns.” On Tuesday only the yellow power will appear in the Roca formation.

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