Field 14: Petal 'falls down from the forest' over tea and criticizes the farmer's behaviour: 'I feel disgusted'


There was tension among the prisoners. Petal didn’t let it come cheap and decided to give his opinion

Photo 1: Reproduction / TV Recording - Photo 2: Reproduction / Television Recording
Photo 1: Reproduction / TV Recording – Photo 2: Reproduction / Television Recording

Farm 14 Leave it to the audience here to divide opinion about the stuck up. As the game progresses, the absurdity of rural reality is getting stronger every moment. In a realistic game of “discord,” Petal “burned” Cheyenne’s pawns.

Pakli chose Cheyenne ahead of the lockdown. “I want it to burn. I will tell the reasons: I think that any woman has a weakness here, it is already above the woman.The influencer started. Furthermore, she mentioned the fact that Shay was walking around the house in a white swimsuit, which caused some discomfort and disrespect. “I’m so disgusting,” he explained.

Petala also talked about the pawn’s involvement with Kerline’s pawn, for which people still don’t know where it might end. “In a moment they were lying on the bed, he kept looking at me. I felt a horrible look, I didn’t like that look. I want to make it clear that I am not alone in noticing this. I feel very disrespected as a woman, I feel very low as a non-celibate woman here”he said

Shay killed a pawn without being silent. “You’re making points that I don’t agree with, but that’s your opinion. I’m going to play and that’s fine, I don’t care”Shay replied. However, Kerlin said during the reality party that she realized Shay didn’t like what she heard, so she made the move to leave.

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