Digital influencer Felipe Neto, 34, has divided opinion on social networks by mocking him The outburst of Giuliano Cazari42, for his over-the-top reactions during the Best of the Year gala aired by TV Globo yesterday.

He was criticized throughout the program as being ‘close-minded’, acting as he was still reeling from the hospitalization of his youngest daughter Maria Guilhermina, and complained that some implicated his political role in the affair – a supporter of Giuliano’s. Jair Bolsonaro🇧🇷

A stronger opponent than a previously defeated candidate Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva In the last election, Felipe Neto drew sarcasm when he commented on an Instagram caption about the “Pantanal” actor’s speech. “Bolsonarista’s crying makes me very sad,” he added.

The YouTuber’s stance was criticized by the public. “How ridiculous! Stop being small!” Someone blew up. Another agreed: “You’re an idiot.” “You stupid miser! The man with his daughter has been in the hospital for months and you are playing a political game,” fumed a third person.

Part of the followers supported Felipe’s position. “Just by looking at him (Cazzare) you already know he’s a ‘gure’,” quipped one netizen. Another person: “I was excited to hear that.”

Far from being upset by the controversy, the truth is that Lucas Neto’s brother doesn’t seem too concerned about the criticism he has received over his role. “My God, thank you for the response of the Bolsonarians here. That’s great (laughs). he exclaims!” Filmed at the same location.

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