Fazenda 14 enters the final stretch with four eliminations in one week

end of Farm 14 It will be quadrupled and will take place on December 15, but there are still events before then He will have a fake rock And you will remove four pawns in one week. False elimination will be held next Thursday (12).

The regular tournament will be held on the eighth day, a week before the final. On the same day, the infantry will be surprised by the formation of “extra Swedes” and will be eliminated on the tenth day. Information provided by Flávio Ricco, columnist for Portal R7.

Then, on the 11th, the six survivors will receive the first eliminations at headquarters for a special trial that will split them into two: one on the 12th and the other on the 13th.

Yet on Day 13, the evicted will return to the reality show to wash their dirty laundry once again. The party with all of them will take place on the 14th, the eve of the final match – which will once again bring all the pawns together.

To take part in the dynamics, those who are left out will be locked up in the hotel. There is no word yet on the presence of Cheyenne Hagbin and Thiago Ramos, who were kicked out of the event.

Andre Marinho, Barbara Borges, Pia Miranda, Diolen Bezera, Alain Cardoso-Moranguino, Iran Malfitano, Pelle Melfelo and Petala Barreros are still in the running for the R$1.5 million prize.

Check out the full table below:

  • 1/12: fake garden
  • 6/12: Regular rock formations
  • 8/12: Eliminating and creating swiddens surprise
  • 10/12: remove
  • 11/12: Test with the top 6 to identify two Swedes
  • 12/13: Remove the suede 2 and wash the dirty clothes
  • 12/14: Party with Judiciary
  • 12/15: End of program

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