Fatima Bernardes shares her reaction on the web after being diagnosed with the disease: "difficult"


The presenter says it was the most emotional moment of her life and celebrates her recovery by thanking those who were with her

Playback / Instagram Fatima Bernardes
Playback / Instagram Fatima Bernardes

Presented today Friday (02). Fatima Bernards He appeared on social networks, recalling a very difficult moment in his life. She revealed that it had been two years since she heard the news of endometrial cancer, and the specialist woman decided to reveal details about her horror.

“Two years ago, exactly on December 2nd, I left the meeting place for my doctor’s office where I received the most difficult diagnosis of my life: endometrial cancer.”The voice presenter started with exciting words.

When the news came Fatima, at that time, she decided not to elaborate much on the subject, as it was about her intimate life. However, close to surgery to remove the tumor, she revealed the topic, much to the surprise of her fans. Today, well, I thank her for the love she received which was perhaps the happiest moment of her personal life.

“A lot has happened two years later and here I am: happy, healed, doing what I love. Thank you so much for all the love, all the prayers that have been with me all these years.””, said a friend of Tulio Gadelha.

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