Friday, November 25 at noon petal🇧🇷 Strawberries And that drink Caught stealing jewelery from here The Little Redhead of Mars And that Killeen“A Fazenda 14” was already dropped by Record TV.

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Inside the main room, sitting on a couch, the three of them played with beauty items left behind by former farm workers. One participant asked “There are many, right?” “I want this,” said Strawberry Shortcake, quickly pulling out a piece for her.

“This is not a mistake [fazer] This here? asked Pia. “No, we’re not stealing, it’s all going to waste, or you think the produce will clean it up…” said Strawberry Shortcake.

Devlan recalls aggression on BBB: ‘It will make him stronger’

Devlen Bezerra said BBB aggressiveness would have done him worse (Clone/A Fazenda)

Account dispute Diolene Bezera🇧🇷 In the early hours of Thursday, November 24, the lawyer caused a stir by calling the case of aggression between Maria and Natalia Devato in BBB 22. I spoke with Pia Miranda and Moranguino, who commented on the day the singer forced a bucket over Natalia’s head in a dispute game and the girl was kicked out.

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Deulan said that after the experience of being on the reality show, Maria understood and said that she could have performed worse and stronger. “Now Maria understands. Today I not only understand but I say that I would have made him stronger. I will give her three times at once.

Pia Miranda, who agreed with Group A’s associate. “Blammy, she’s fired! I should have put the full bucket on her head…for what it was worth.”

The two were on the balcony of the residence, and they pulled a prank as Petla scared her and Piya retaliated by slapping her friend, angering netizens following the reality and demanding her removal. Similar cases in other versions, such as Fazenda 4 when Duda Yankovic hit me Thiago GagliassoOr Katya Pagnot Press up Evandro SantoBoth of them in pool activity.

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