Farm 14: Peões makes no secret of her affinity for Petal: 'I ran to her'


They gather in the treehouse and talk about the moves Devale’s friend made in the game.

Farm 14: Farmers make no secret of their love for petals.  Photo: PlayPlus Clone.
Farm 14: Farmers make no secret of their love for petals. Photo: PlayPlus Clone.

In A Fazenda 14 (Record TV) the rival’s game analysis is interesting in the chat circles of the Allies and the target at the time was Petala Barreros. Workers gathered in the treehouse this Saturday (01) talked about Ruiwinha, Shay and Deborah. The moves Devle’s friend makes in the game. From above they watched the pawns spend time with the horse.

Deborah was the first to speak up about the petal and mocked the pawn position: “You can’t when Rufina cries. Then she says something. Saying ‘don’t talk about my butterflies’ was ridiculous!The effector manifests when summoned The dynamics of last Sunday’s debate. “There, now there you are, lonely”The redhead finished her comment.

Ruivinha agreed with her friend and retorted that she was offended by the comment from her Petals on butterflies, impressionable fans know how. Shay then decided to comment on a comment he found very interesting: “You know what I noticed? She’s not messing with me. No matter how defensive I am to other girls, she doesn’t mess with me.”said the vanguard.

Pawn went beyond Petal’s analysis and revealed that he doesn’t like influencers: “She stinks! She opens the jar of curd, lays it open on the table, opens the draft and lays it open on the table. she doesn’t keep”, shouted. new, Thomas Costa, in conversation with funk singer Tate Zaki She said she did not believe Petala Barreros’ speeches on the country reality show and assessed that Biwa did not live up to her claims.

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