A major change was revealed in BD Oliveira, Boninho BBB 23, which premieres Jan. 16 on Globo. After mocking the alleged list of Camarote participants and announcing attendance glass houseThe director of the reality show said that the dolls seen from the first edition of the show will never be the same.

“The end of the year is approaching. Time to clean house… time to say goodbye,” the director wrote in an Instagram post on Sunday (25).

In the video, Anna Furtado’s husband is seen hugging a doll while she is crying. The recording showed Boninho hugging two dolls, one of which he did not identify.

The head of Globo has hinted that the BBB will change the nature of the “staff” after 21 years of the program. Check out the spoilers below:

BBB 23 premieres on January 16 on Globo. According to Boninho, the glass house will start “before the BBB starts”. The building, which will be present in the 2020 edition of the reality show, will be located in a shopping center in Rio de Janeiro and will interact with people passing by.

The cast will include unnamed participants from the Pipoca and Camarote groups, along with celebrity guests. No names are confirmed yet, just speculations made by Boninho online. The list includes influencers, singers, actors and actresses🇧🇷

After three seasons without spectators due to the risk of Covid-19 contamination, The event will welcome friends and family members who have attended Wall Nights🇧🇷 A news It turns out that the announcer thought to leave it as it is only in the announcer’s presence, Thaddeus SchmidtBut “imitation” spoke louder.

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