"Elite Squad is all about the militia, it's about Bolsonaro," Jose Padilla says.

The director of Elite Troop 2, Jose Padilla, said that the film is a 2013 film directed by Jose Padilla. movie theater Portraying Brazilians, militias and presidents Jair Bolsonaro (PL). The director spoke out after the current CEO’s campaign used excerpts from the production for plays against the presidential candidate. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT).

“Bolsonaro’s campaign is systematically using the Tropa de Elite 2. They take an account of the system from the film and wrap it in images of Lula from his campaign,” he began.

According to the director, the entry lines in the film were placed illegally, as he and producer Marcos Prado did not allow Bolsonaro’s campaign to use any part of the feature film.

“They are doing this illegally, because I did not authorize it and Marcos Prado did not authorize this use. I want to remind the audience that ‘Tropa de Elite 2’ is a film about the militia. About politicians elected with the support of corrupt and violent police officers who control communities in a fascist manner in Rio de Janeiro.

Further, Padilla explained that the film’s plot refers to Bolsonaro’s political path and not Lula’s. “If Tropa de Elite 2 and the system I refer to in the film are applied to any politician in this presidential election, it will be clear that the politician is Bolsonaro, not Bolsonaro. Lola

In a video released by Bolsonaro’s campaign late last month, a speech by Wagner Moura, who plays Captain Nascimento, describes scenes of Lula’s encounters with Marina Silva (Reddy), Henrique Meireles (MDB), Christopheme Burke (Nationality). , Guilherme Pauls (PSOL) , Geraldo Alcmin (PSDB) and Fernando Haddad (PT).

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