He said he wanted to settle down with the convenience store after frequently stealing candy bars there at 2 p.m.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson bought all the Snicker bars at a Hawaii 7-Eleven to give away, saying he wanted to clear his conscience after stealing from the same store as a young teenager.

Posted by the “Black Adam” star. Video on Instagram Documenting his weekend visits to the store, where he said he stole a king-sized Snicker bar every day when he was 14 because he “couldn’t afford to buy one.”

“The same clerk was there every day and always just turned his head and never caught me,” he wrote, adding that his family was evicted from their apartment in Hawaii in 1987 and eventually “Come back home to right that wrong.”

In the video, Johnson bought every Snickers bar in the store and paid for other customers’ purchases — totaling less than $300.

“I’m going to leave them right here,” he told the clerk. “If someone thinks they’re stealing sneakers, give them away so they don’t steal.”

Johnson told The Hollywood Reporter In 2014 when he came home at age 14 to find out his family was being evicted from their tiny Hawaii apartment, just a week after his mother’s car was repossessed.

“We were living in a performance that cost us $120 a week,” he said in the interview. “We come home, and the door is locked and there’s an eviction notice. My mom starts talking. She just starts crying and breaking down. ‘Where are we going to live? What are we going to do?’ “

He described the eviction as a “tipping point” when he decided to begin training in hopes of an NFL career: “For many years, my desire and my drive . . . to be honest with you . . . “I didn’t want to be ostracized anymore,” he said told CNBC.

Johnson went to the University of Miami on a football scholarship before starting a career as a professional wrestler and eventually stepping onto the silver screen. According to Forbeshe is now the highest paid actor in the world and can earn more than $20 million per film.

After his massive success, Johnson said the sneaker theft was one of the things that weighed on him: “I know it sounds so silly, but every time I come back home to Hawaii and 7- Drive up to 11… I always knew I needed this. Go in and clear out every Snickers bar they have – the right way,” he wrote.

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