Queen Elizabeth’s 96th birthday spent 3 hours in Salvador. In early November 1968, the Queen of the United Kingdom toured Brazil with her husband, Prince Philip. Here, the couple went to Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brasilia and of course Salvador.

Just under 54 after entering the capital of Bahia, Elizabeth passed away on Thursday (8).

Salvador’s visit was short but hot – literally. Spring welcomed summer air for the royal couple with 33-degree heat.

Columnist Nelson Cadena, from Koryo, He said in a text from 2012 That the driver carrying the Queen was careless and did not park his car in the shade. Unprepared, Beth climbed into the car and sat directly in the leather seat of a 1935 Lincoln, which she was to “ride” through Bahia.

And as he leaned back on the most furnace-like asana, the Maharaja opened his eyes and jumped over the coals on the asana. The scene took the audience by surprise and led to some delays in its schedule.

Security of the procession was ensured only by a rope and a few policemen in fancy dress. (Photo: Bahia Public Archives)

The tour started after a setback. Elizabeth and Philip’s first stop was the Mercado Modelo. The floor of the place was made of cement to avoid injury to the royal feet.

In the tourist district, the couple browsed leafy stalls, crafts, drank cherry juice, and happily enjoyed silver trinkets made by Gerson, a goldsmith commissioned by Camafeau de Oxossi on behalf of the stall owners.

After leaving the Mercado Modelo, the court headed to Ladeira da Conceição, brand new with a layer of asphalt that had been gone the day before.

Thousands of Bahians thronged the streets to catch a glimpse of the royal couple as the English flag was raised.

The girl broke the siege and managed to get close to the queen (Photo: Bahia Public Archives)

Soon after, the Queen met the English residents of Salvador in the Anglican Church and attended a party at the Palacio da Aclamacao, attended by 120 invited couples, including state officials and intellectuals and artists such as Jorge Amado and Caribe; She visited the Igreja de São Francisco and the Museum of Sacred Art before boarding a British Royal ship that would take her to Rio de Janeiro, the next stop on her tour of the Land of Bendorama.

Then the Farol da Bara was crossed, followed by English cruisers and several sailing ships in procession, and the Bahians on shore enjoyed the procession.

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