During a meeting with Prisa, Hilo tries to find out the truth and promises to help her against injustice.


The representative will host Krusa’s grandson at her home

Hello e Brisa - Photo: Reproduction / Globo
Hello e Brisa – Photo: Reproduction / Globo

After finally discovering a betrayal i see (Chai Suede) and location Tone, ring (Vicente Alvit), his son, A breeze Lucy Alves will be in a mixture of hate and sadness for the ex. In the following cases of infectionA woman from Maranhão will be welcomed home welcome (Giovanna Antonelli) in Rio de Janeiro.

Ready to fight for the custody of her son, she gets the help of a representative who promises to get justice for all the recent events in her life. Caught chasing her husband, the girl goes through one problem after another as she tries to rebuild her life.

Arrival at Sweet Home on request curious (Lucy Pereira), Prisa, maidservant and godmother of the Maranho clan, will be surprised by his presence Donor (Marcus Caruso). Finally getting support will give her relief and she will tell what has happened since she left her village.However, it will hide a portion to avoid exposure Auto (Romolo Estrella), who helped her escape, but also blamed her for her arrest.

welcome He would notice that Brisa hesitated when she told the truth, and the next morning, upon returning from the police station, he would speak to Brisa again, this time alone with Krusa’s grandson. ex-wife the wall (Alexander Nero) He manages to take the whole truth out of the washing machine and promises to help her.

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