Play/Multi DisplayDua Lipa’s rock show ends in Rio 2022

the singer write dua complete Rock in Rio 2022 Last Sunday, the eleventh, with a show that was highly praised on social media, however, the artist’s request angered fans and even the director of Globo. Attractive. Before he ascend the stage prayer, the presenter Marcus Munz, who covered the festival on Multishow and Globe, clarified on social media that the cast’s show will not be shown on TV until 30 minutes after the show starts. Dua Lipa’s show will begin at Seeded Do Rock, but at her request, it will air only half an hour later. But whoever watches it on TV, will watch the whole show! Half an hour late. That’s it,” said the presenter of the “Calderao” program. The director had criticized the singer’s condition “Big brother Brazil“Every rock in Rio should have a star, and this year’s award did Write a prayer! She requested that her show start 30 minutes late in the multishow. why??? These people are the first to broadcast! He deserves respect. Alas! “No time to change anything,” Boninho said on Twitter. A follower commented on the post that the show was “bad” and the director replied “boring”. Another predicted that there would be no show for Dua on “BBB 23,” and Anna Furtado’s husband agreed: “No [terá]It is worth rememberingBBB 20The artist sent a video of both the brothers at a party. In song editing Don’t start now He succeeded because ex-B.B.B Manu should go Create a short dance that repeats itself at every party.

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