Disrespect to Iran;  Playplus signal drops

Closer to this morningfarm 14″ (RecordTV) Swinging! Devle’s sisters sent an unbroken train He tells Fawn to ring the bell. Playplus has no signal since 11 am.

“Come on Devalen! Ring the bell, temple! Your family is waiting for you! Ring the bell, temple! Your mother is waiting for you at the hospital. Devlane, ring the bell,” fans asked. There is no telling if the infantry inside the headquarters will hear it.

In an instant the signal camera was back in the room where it belonged Iran🇧🇷 matters And that Andre🇧🇷 “This is very disrespectful. Petal laughs and shakes his head,” Iran said.

Andre commented, “So, they’re very happy, that’s what I’m talking about” Iran continued: “Oh, I can hear Ninja talking on the radio that he can go to the door now. Petala is not there. Respect “. “They are ignorant,” Babi added.

After a quick conversation, the PlayPlus signal was cut again. Splash I contacted RecordTV to find out the reason for the drop, but have not received a response as of the time of this post.

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