Did Tenorio castrate or rape Alcides?  After showing a controversial scene, Webb wonders what happened to Maria Brokaw's lover


One of the most awaited scenes of the series aired last Monday (26); Alcides was raped in the first edition of the Feuleton, but Bruno Luperi encouraged the change in the remake.

Tenorio rapes Alcides in the Pantanal.  Image: Reproduction / TV Globo
Tenorio rapes Alcides in the Pantanal. Image: Reproduction / TV Globo

inWet land“, Remake Written by Bruno Luberi, Alcides was castrated or raped by Tenorio? After TV Globo aired the controversial scene last Monday (26), many viewers left their doubts. What will happen to the character? in Juliano CazzariBecause the audience saw it from the perspective of the moment Maria Broca (Isabel Teixeira).

In the first version of the novel, Grillero was crowned by his rival. On the contrary, Jutta’s father (Julia Dalvia) has usurped a pawn in the adaptation of the story. As TV Observatory journalist Andre Romano previously revealed, Use the tools of the farmer to do evil

Fans of the series couldn’t see exactly what happened, but the author encouraged the change from the original work. respectively, Tenorio (Murilo Benicio) kicks his ex-wife out of the hut And put into action a plan to take revenge on the enemy.

Eugenio’s friend (Almer Sater) later tries to peek through the abandoned tapestry door, but he can’t see the details. It is worth noting that after suffering a shock, the people of Paraná will close to the world and only open up to Zakuyo (Silvero Pereira).

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