Devla spoke to Thomaz during the live show on Thursday and the show host scolded 2022″ (RecordTV), Adrian Gallisto.

It all started when the pawn picked Lucas to say that he was playing the wrong way because he was following in the lawyer’s footsteps.

“I think Lucas, because he’s not playing his game. He does what he thinks and thinks. It’s not that she’s playing wrong, she’s not playing, she misbehaves with people, she abuses people. Pele is bad, Rowina, Curlin, you are so bad. It’s all the time, I don’t feel tired of arguing. I’ve given up, it’s been a week or more since I’ve been sober,” the worker said.

The lawyer interrupted him: “Shouldn’t he have rung the bell? Instead of asking someone else’s opinion.

“Shut up,” replied Tomasz, “I didn’t say that.”

Galistu didn’t like it and told the soldier to keep quiet: “Nobody stopped you, Devle. Please, it is not your turn to speak.

Because he kept saying he gave up, Dre. It’s a clause in the contract that he can’t talk about,” the spokesperson said. “I said I don’t want to argue anymore, that I’m out of energy,” Tomaz said.

Devla was about to interrupt again, when Adrian warned her:

Attention Deulin, this is not your problem. I’m sorry That’s Thomas’ problem, not yours. Please finish Thomas

“It’s not my problem, but it’s a dirty game, Dre,” Pawn confirmed.

“But it is not your time to talk. Please, Dylan, this is not your time to speak,” the announcer asked again.

Then the actor ended his speech:

“This is the time for people to get into fights, throw things to provoke and raise their voices and talk and talk. Brazil now sees proof of that.”

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