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He got out for the first time Farm 14This Saturday (17) Bruno Tálamo used social networks. Former reporter Sonia Abrau was upset with her brief appearance on the rural reality show Record. “The most frustrating project of my life,” he summed up.

The journalist begins the script by stating that his contractual obligations with the record have expired by recording Hora do Faro on Friday (16) – the attraction will be broadcast on Sunday (18).

Despite all the criticism, the fazenda faced expulsion and withdrawal, Bruno He did not blame for the failure of the program🇧🇷 “As great as a reality show of this magnitude is, I couldn’t have had a performance that fell short of my expectations,” he lamented.

“I am fully responsible for the failure of this effort. The feeling of failure hurts me a lot, despite all my expectations,” admitted the journalist.

Talamo followed up his rant by saying he was ready to take on new challenges. “We fall. we get up We will never give up. Other works will be done and soon you will know everything,” he assured I spent R$1,000 on clothes For use in a skipped (almost canceled) party.

To confine himself to rural reality, Bruno had to quit his job as a reporter on A Tarde a Sua hosted by Sonia Abrao on RedTV!.

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