Deolane, Shayen and Thomaz make the 5th Rosa at Fazenda 14 - A Fazenda 14

Deolane, Shayen and Thomas make up the fifth episode of Rosa’s rural reality season and are constantly competing in games and open voting in popular votes.

Farmer of the Week, Pia Miranda, referred Cheyenne directly to Roca, in response to the recent clashes between Farmer and his group at headquarters. Thus, Pawn secured his second involvement in the hot seat.

Ruivinha received all seven votes from Group A, but the balance was not enough to kill nine Wish you all the best The opposing team received it, saw a pawn in formation.

Lawyers relied on authority green flame He gets it from Andre and can choose Baya’s resident who will finish third in the debate, his former partner in the game and current dissident, Thomaz.

Lucas, on the other hand, is gone During the dynamics of Resta Um, where Tiago prefers to edit Vini, justifying his recent participation and the return of his friend in the last Roça.

In this Wednesday’s farmer’s exam (19), pawns need to get test answers with subjects on science, math, art, travel and goods, reach the final destination of the board and win the crown left behind.


Lucas shows a lot of skill and manages to escape from Roca, winning the hat and securing another week at HQ.

Led by Adrian Galistu, Farm 14 It is aired daily on the screen TV recording. reach up to Play Plus And follow 24 hours everything that happens in Celero de Lindas.

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