Deborah Seko turned 43 and won a cake and compliments from Sportive

Deborah Seko, Joe has been working as a commentator on “Ta Na Kopa” since last weekFrom sportv, received gifts from network friends.

The reason? The actress turned 43 today. Among the desserts, she won a custom cake with the following caption: “Addicted to Coca-Cola Zero”.

Birthday Candy, by the way, comes with a doll that pretends to be the actress herself, holding the soda can in question.

The moment was captured and posted by Deborah on her Instagram Stories.

She appeared on the show with three of her companions: presenters Magno Navarro and Igor Rodríguez and former player Alosio Chulapa.

On air, she received messages from friends, such as announcers Igor Rodríguez and Magno Navarro, singer Jogo Tudinho, former player Aloysio Chulapa, and actress Juliana Paes. Finally, husband Hugo Mora and daughter Maria Flor wished the actress a happy birthday.

At the last minute, Deborah receives a new cake, which says “11 cups successfully dried” and loudly says “Happy Birthday to you”.

By the way, the actress became successful for her participation in “Ta Na Kopa”. Since the beginning of the week, she has opted for a different look and looks perfectly in sync with her current gym mates.

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