And in a video posted on his personal Twitter page, the Canadian actor got a glimpse from the Australian who played the mutant hero for 17 years in films.

In a tweet, Reynolds says he’s out of ideas for a third Marvel Comics mercenary movie, the first creation of a character included in the publisher’s cinematic universe.

By then Jackman walks in from the background and asks the Canadian if the Australian doesn’t want to play Wolverine again. Another replies, “Yeah, sure, Ryan.”

In a tweet, Deadpool’s translator is still teasing his debut as the counter-champion. “It’s hard to sneeze at this,” the actor wrote, referring to the character’s fate in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” (2009).

After a disastrous start at Movie Mate, Reynolds gets two new opportunities with his own films – Last in 2018.

Both were huge successes for Fox Studios, which It has since been acquired by DisneyWhich made it possible to unite the movie characters in a unique Marvel universe

Jackman took on the role of Wolverine in 2000 and played him in eight films until retiring from the role in 2017.

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