Curlin Cardoso She is part of the former BBBs Hall of Fame in which she participated Farm 14Gold took part in the current edition of 🇧🇷 Rural reality And he managed to get to half of the competition. With experience from both the shows, the producer reveals which product will be the best the globe And that TV recording🇧🇷

In an interview with Podcast linkKerlin praised the duo behind the scenes, but stressed that the Rio station had a more disciplined attitude towards participants in Brazil’s most-watched house, while the broadcaster I drive Macedo He adopts a more human behavior with gravity pawns.

🇧🇷Both productions are very good. But one thing I will draw out: Fazenda production is more humaneCommented on the abolition of the eleventh Farm 14🇧🇷 In a conversation on the podcast, Cardoso paid tribute to the team behind him actually show from the recording.

🇧🇷The difference, the dynamics, it’s all tied together. This area…we can die strategizing and it never turns out the way we envision it. Well-crafted tests, impeccable visuals, a lantern that unsettles people“, he said. It is remarkable that VI BBB 21Kerlin was the first to be eliminated from the tournament Big brother BrazilBut gained popularity by investing in a career as a digital influencer.

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