Queen of country music and creative scene, Robert Miranda, He saw the name again when he was seen working on the neckline, glitter and plenty of transparency to score. Special edition from the programSunday with Hack“, which will air on Sunday afternoon, 09, and will combine the selection of the TV series “Pantanal” and “Travessia”.

The singer who, apart from being bold in the outfit, sported an elaborate hairstyle and pinned up most of her locks. The reason for the chosen production is Roberta’s tribute to the TV series “Pantanal”, where she will be singing the song “Chalana” performed by Parbana in the storyline.

Besides Roberta, music will also be featured Almir Sater and Seo George and Giotto. This is confirmed in the list Lucy Alves, Chai Suede, Romulo Estrella, Jade Bacon, Giovanna Antonelli, Alexander Nero, Humberto Martins, Vanessa Giacomo, Drica Moraes, Marcos Caruso, Alessandra Negrini, Dandara Mariana and manager Mauro Mendonca Filho (“Travecia” protagonists), who will join the stars “Pantanal”aLannis Guilin, Marcos Palmera, Dera Paes, Osmar Prado, Murillo Benicio, Isabel Teixeira, Giuliano Cazzari, Aline Borges, Jose Loreto, Paola Barbosa, Gito, Almir Setor, Lucas Leto and children Lee and Theo, Author’s children Bruno Luberi

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