Catia Fonseca gets a call from Anna Furtado and orders it directly;  Know any TV news

Catia Fonseca decided to apply directly to Anna Furtado. This Wednesday (7), The band contractor benefited who managed the former Globo presenter’s phone number and left a voice message to try to interview her fellow businessman.

“Hi Anna, this is Katia Fonseca from the band, how are you? We have a mutual friend who gave me his phone number, do you know why?” I wanted to interview you! And after that, I was thinking that one day we would schedule an interview,” Katya began in the voice message.

between the good afternoon, The caller recorded a live message and followed it up with a request:

There have been many rumors and we are dying for you to come back to TV. So, since I like you, I like your work, we have mutual friends, and everyone speaks highly of you, I said, “Hey, we can interview Anna Furtado.”

“What do you think? You pick a spot, we move and we go! Locked? It’d be my honor because look, I’ll tell you something, you’re a strong woman! You’ve got gigantic fibers, tremendous talent, but she’s got majesty. She listens to a lot of things and stays calm,” Katya encouraged in the message.

Did Anna Furtado respond?

It did not show whether the preamble had previously been answered until the end of the program Boninho’s wife GB Oliveira. Ana Furtado left Globo in July after 26 years.

Rumors that Anna would be eyeing records put Globo’s former name on the attraction agenda. Currently, Big Brother Brazil presenters and managers are traveling from the Netherlands.

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