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Cassia Kiss is the next Globo veteran to lose her steady job

Cassia Kiss is one of the Globo stalwarts who will soon lose her job. The announcer decided not to renew the actress’ contract after the end of the TV series “Travisia”, which is shown at the height of its programs.

The decision was made to close Cassia before the current TV series aired. The actress, who has been a ratings leader for nearly 40 years, knows that she will be without a steady job at the end of the recording.

Although Cassia had angered Globo’s management, his co-stars, and many art professionals by making anti-gay remarks in an interview with Leda Nagle, a dismissal had already been issued.

So much so that at the telenovela’s launch party, held a week before the premiere, Cassia told fellow journalists present that Travecia would bid her farewell at Telenovelas Globo and that she intended to retire shortly thereafter.

But it is important to emphasize that this decision did not come from her. Globo has drastically cut her salary and advertised cuts to permanent cast members without batting an eye. Even the veterans didn’t deliver, as happened recently with Marietta Severo and Osmar Prado, who collected unforgettable works in network dramas.

However, he is already on the radar of some writers to participate in new productions of Globo and GloboPlay. Cassia, who will soon join the ranks of the unemployed, will not be so lucky. Although she too has an impressive track record, her recent statements have had a far greater impact.

Plus, she’s been doing a lot of work behind the scenes at Travesia, as my friend Lucas Pasin of UOL expects. The actress harassed the actors via WhatsApp by sending several fake political news, gave a star-studded show in the studio and humiliated her cast and tried to promote a prayer chain before starting the recording. A real horror show.

It is important to note that the column asked Globo to further comment on the veteran’s dismissal following Travecia’s termination, but the broadcaster declined to comment.

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