Carol Narizinho breaks silence after controversial tweet and denies Lumina's accusations on racial issues: 'Too aggressive'


The influencer spoke out after Lumana publicly criticized him

Carol Narizinho breaks silence after controversial tweet and denies Lumina's accusations of racial issues
© Image 1 – Reproduction: Instagram / Carol Narizinho | Photo 2 – Photo 2 – Reproduction: Instagram / Lumena AleluiaCarol Narizinho breaks silence after controversial tweet and denies Lumina’s accusations of racial issues

Influencer Carol Narizinho She appeared in front of the audience to explain her side after being criticized by a former contestant Big brother BrazilAnd that Lumen hallelujah. At the time, Lumina was taking the name of that famous racist A tweet comparing the psychologist to Rosian Pinheiroparticipate in farm

Lumina also posted a video, describing the influencer as racist and xenophobic: “You should be ashamed of yourself and stop comparing two completely different and different people. Both are beautiful, and above all beautiful, but you are a racist and xenophobe who wants to compare two black women for the simple fact that we were born in the same region and dialect.

Seeing the situation, Carroll announced her defense against the charges and explained her side. Accordingly, there was no racial issue in the tweet: “Guys, I’m here to comment on my tweet comparing Lumina and Rosie. They are two beautiful women and this tweet has nothing to do with racism. It’s not a caste issue, it’s not a color issue! So when I realized that people were interpreting it that way, because I didn’t mean it and I didn’t mean it, I deleted the tweet.

The former Panikat also revealed that she tried to contact Lumina and was completely upset about being contacted: “I sent a message to Lumina apologizing for the unfortunate comparison. I didn’t mean to offend either of them, because Lumina called me stupid and was very aggressive in the stories I posted. That’s it, the topic is closed here!

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