Host Trevor Noah introduced Bad Bunny as a “global force” who is the most streamed and listened to artist in the world.

WASHINGTON — Bad Bunny has launched. Grammy Awards Sunday in Los Angeles with a festive, high-energy performance that had many in the audience, including Taylor Swift, on her feet and dancing near her table.

Trevor Noah opened the event standing outside the Crypto.Com Arena, celebrating the show’s return to its traditional Los Angeles home for the first time since 2020.

“The best city in the world if you ignore a few other cities,” Noah said.

He then introduced a show-opening performance by Bad Bunny, who opened alone on a platform before filling the aisles with dancers, some in colorful skirts, others in giant masks.

Introducing him, Noah calls Bad Bunny a “universe force”.

After the performance, Noah — returning for the third year in a row — opened his monologue to the audience.

“Every year, I feel like I develop a different connection with the people in the room,” he told AP’s Jonathan Landrum Jr. last week. “It opens you up to a few more jokes and a few more conversations where people understand the context of who you are with them. It means you can have a little bit of fun without letting anyone know that.” Feel like you’re stung by them.

The Puerto Rican singer, who is the most streamed and listened to artist in the world, could make history at the Grammys.

If Bad Bunny wins album of the year for “Un Verano Sin Ti,” it will be the first time a Spanish-language album has won the top honor.

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