The production of “BBB 23” ran into a pile of rumor mills, mostly members of the Mynd8 agency, who wanted to destroy the Fourth Desert. Lt. Col. Tadeo Schmidt announced Thursday evening (3/30) that the wall next to “BBB” will emulate “A Fazenda”. That is, it has always been the case that the audience will vote for who they want to stay on the show and who they want to be ousted.

The case study draws attention to the release’s biggest novelty offense, namely the creation of a spontaneous group of fans by the members of the fourth band, Deserto, which was conceived to counter the gossip pages’ hate campaign, which worked. As a kind of “mafia”, because they share the same agency and protect the same interests. At “BBB 21”, Mynd8 finished second, third and fourth, but Cactus ignored the gossip professionals’ attacks against Juliette to make her the champion.

The incident was repeated in a different way on “BBB 23”, with four supporters of the Deserto members uniting to combat the media carnage. Mirroring the sisterhood of sisters, this partnership of supporters is the edition’s biggest news. Competing against the Mynd8 Agents, who were praised several times throughout the day on the group’s pages and by celebrities recruited by the group – in coordination with each other – Deserto’s fans overcame the power of high stakes, saving Bruna Grifao and eliminating Gabriel Santana for the last time. Tuesday (28/2).

Popular columnists were outraged by the verdict. One of them even recorded a video of an angry man swearing at the audience of the show.

A day later, Boninho announced the news of the “reverse vote”, which was confirmed by Thadaux Schmidt on Thursday.

Note that the traditional, elimination, vote facilitates the concentration of votes from different supporters’ clubs on the same opponent. Thus, the goal of Change-to-Save is to divide supporters. If two desert team members get together, the fan club will split and eliminate the team this year. This bolsters Mynd8 candidates, such as Fred Nicasio and Domitilla Barros, of the Mynd8 group, quoted by the Central Reality page in a post about their celebration of being at the same agency.

The media giant’s candidates are spearheading millionaire marketing, which encourages hate to win, in an unequal battle against a domestic operation for the masses.

Boninho prefers to stand behind the money rather than embrace the novelty and passion of the fans, which the gossip pages are devoted to upsetting his plans.

This movement was already noticed this week when “BBB 23” did not show the summary of the discord game for the first time in the conversations or releases in Almoço do Anjo. And that’s me trying to interrupt an important conversation on Discord with commercials, and on the way back a sister broadcasts the show crying and hugging. The announcer tried to pretend nothing had happened.

Incidentally, all these moments have scratched the image of Domitilla Barros. Furthermore, on the same day that the Discord feed would traditionally be shown, a video glorification or approximate beatification of the same Domitilla was broadcast.

Domitilla’s defense week also coincided with on-screen attacks on Larissa, her biggest rival in the game. As if obfuscating the sister’s conversation with Miss Germany wasn’t enough, the production included Twitter messages with negative references to the teacher on screen, the biggest loss of the version’s masculinity – a fact that the producers did as well. didn’t happen

A change in voting would be another caution, as Domitilla’s name was once again broadcast over the wall.

Internally altering the game with different dynamics, even if it was intended to culminate in a particular outcome, was a liberating rule. But tampering with polls is new. Reverse voting was only used in the “BBB” of the false wall, and Boninho’s decision to change the rules of the game in the final stages, reveals the cascading effect of the process.

So far, those locked in have not been notified of the change, which came to light at a time when the Decherto IV was likely to have two simultaneous filters on the wall. If they win again, the encounter with Mynd8’s group will take place in the deep sea, making this hostile desert formation even more difficult.

The moment chosen for Boninho’s signature change underscores the production strategy. And unfortunately, puts “BBB” on the credibility level of “A Fazenda”.

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