It’s such fun! Director of “Big Brother Brazil”, Attractive, decided to have fun on the Internet on Sunday, December 18 and made a video on social networks mocking all the guessed names. When you open the video it says:

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“The list of nominees is too long, so I decided to give awards like Hollywood and the Oscars and you vote. Who should enter BBB23?”

In mock categories starting with “Best Singer/Singer”; “Best Digital Influencer”; “Best Actress/Actor,” names such as Livia Andrade, Yasmin Brunet, Paola Fernandez and influencers such as Dora Figueiredo and John Drops have been mentioned and listed.


The Glass House is official!

Countdown brothers and sisters! “Big Brother Brazil” starts on January 16, 2023 and promises to be one of those seasons full of surprises and things that real fans will love. However, the traditional “glass house”, which allows one or two contestants to enter the house by popular vote, will not take place when the show is actually on.

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This time, for the first time in the history of the Globo reality show, it will take place before the game starts and promises to play a decisive role in the final cast of BBB23. This other information will be announced later, however, it is already known that this house will be located in a shopping center. “BBB 23” will be produced by Mariana Monaco, presented by Tadeo Schmidt, art and direction directed by Rodrigo Dorado. Buninho.

new house

The end of the year is almost here, but fans of the reality show have already checked out Farm 14 And attention has already shifted Big Brother Brazil 23🇧🇷 AttractiveThe director of BBB, then decided to excite people by showing some details of the new house.

Feel like a peep? So let the spoilers begin? Just stay tuned, Tadeo Schmidt, he’s getting ready!

Vanessa refused

Last Wednesday (7) the name of the day was Vanessa Camargo. The 39-year-old singer’s name has been leaked As a potential participant in BBB23, which starts in January. For this reason, the artist went to the audience to talk about this issue.

“Oh, love, the whole smurf world is straight blue, because I’m in my son’s room, which has these blue LED lights. So I apologize for being blue. Next: I don’t usually come here to deny the stories of my life, because I’ve heard lies for 22 years and some I’ve had to tell, some I think the time is wise and people who know me tell them. More than any lie can be invented for,” Vanessa began.

However, the singer said that she decided to make the video, because the topic had grown so much that even close friends and her own team questioned her.

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“But from today, even my close friends along with some sections of my team are doubting it and thinking that I am sincere. [estar no BBB] And I have to come out here and say: No, I’m not going to the BBB. I’m not on the list, no, and I haven’t talked to anyone. I have a show planned for January, everything is already booked and I’m working really hard. He added that I already have vacations scheduled with the kids, so no BBB.

Vanessa also hinted that the possibility of appearing on the reality show in 2022 is real. “This year I think they are a little behind. It was really likely to happen last year, it didn’t happen and it won’t happen this year,” he said.

Vanessa also revealed that fans might be surprised if she can’t talk if she’s on BBB23, but she revealed that she’ll come off as a liar.

“You can say, ‘Oh, but if it were true, you wouldn’t say it, because you couldn’t say it.’ Of course, but I won’t come here to deny it and tell you that I won’t. I will keep quiet, because then I will be a liar.” And I’m not. For those of you who already have tickets to the January show, don’t worry, because there will be shows and that’s it, okay? I am not on the BBB. kisses.”

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