Bolsonaro has put Gustavo Lima's hiding place on his 100-year secret list

Bolsonaro has been the target of criticism from President-elect Lula for imposing secrecy in the process of investigating Flavio Bolsonaro over the “crack” case. (Photo: EVARISTO SA/AFP)

The fee received by country singer Gustavo Lima to participate in the Mega da Verada promotion in 2021 has been kept secret for 100 years by order of President Jair Bolsonaro.

Section 31 of the Access to Information Act provides for one hundred years of confidentiality and is limited to personal data relating to “intimate relationships, private life, honor and image”. The text specifies one hundred years as the maximum period for this type of secrecy—that is, the period could be shorter.

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Information about the inclusion of cache information for Certnejo in the Privacy List was reported by the Movimento Country Portal. Also according to the publication, the transparency portal states that Caixa Econmica Federal distributed more than 10 million Brazilian reais for the campaign, but did not disclose the allocation and use of funds and the payment to the singer by presidential decree. .

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Lima, whose public resources this year’s payments are in question, launched a movement known as the “CPI do Certanejo”, a supporter of the president and a friend of the family. During the campaign, President-elect Lula criticized Bolsonaro for imposing secrecy in the process of investigating Flavio Bolsonaro in the “cracks” case.

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The singer demanded Folha de S Paulo and did not want to comment on the matter at the time of publishing this report.

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