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Gustavo Lima publicly supports President Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

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from Certanejo singer Gustavo Lima
To share as a poster boy for Mega da Ferrada
It was put down in 2021 100 years of secrecy
request President Jair Bolsonaro

According to the federal government’s transparency portal, Caixa Econômica Federal has spent more than R$10 million in the campaign. There were no details of the use or destination of the funds. The lottery awards more than R$ 300 million, about R$ 162 million each, to the winners of the draw.

The information was first provided by the Movimento Country website.

Caixa denies its connection to the hundred-year-old secret

In a memorandum, Caixa Econômica Federal claimed that the fees paid to the Sertanejo singer in the Mega da Virada campaign were not applied.

CAIXA clarifies that the amount applied in advertising is disclosed in the public domain, with easy access to all interested parties, without imposing confidentiality on the fees paid to singer Gustavo Lima in the 2020 Mega da Virada campaign.”

The financial institution also indicates that a direct contract has been signed between a company interested in the artist’s career and an advertising agency that has bid for him.

See the full statement sent by Caixa below:

CAIXA says that while confidentiality is not imposed on the fees paid to singer Gustavo Lima in the 2020 Mega da Virada campaign, the amounts applied in the advertisements are disclosed in the public domain, with easy access to all interested parties.

CAIXA, to promote public transparency and understanding necessary for the promotion of democracy and the development of citizenship, records all advertising expenditures on a monthly basis to an electronic address. https://www.caixa.gov.br/acesso-a-informacao/despesas-publicidade/Paginas/default.aspx

Fees paid within 90 days of completion are disclosed as expenses for the month, per agency, in the fee line. The magazine, in accordance with the legal practices of public administration, details the main information related to the implementation of the contract, according to the principle of active transparency.

The bank explained that the artist was contracted through a contract for the right to use the image between the company that manages his image and the advertising agency, which was assigned in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 12,232/2010 regulating employment. of advertising agencies. Govt.

Supporter of Jair Bolsonaro

Gustavo Lima publicly supports Jair Bolsonaro and is a close friend of Jair Renan, the president’s youngest son. Shortly before the second round of elections, Certanejo met with the CEO in Brasilia, accompanied by singers such as Zeze de Camargo, Chitozinho and Leonardo.

This is another public money controversy involving the name of Gustavo Lima. In May of this year, prosecutors in several states opened an investigation against Certnejo for overcharging in performances submitted without a bid by City Hall.

Amid the controversy, the singer decided to live it up on his personal Instagram page, even crying, claiming that he was being harassed. He said he was “going to throw in the towel” and that he “does not approve of public money.”

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