It’s no news that it’s become fashionable to put faces between celebrities and strangers. And so, before entering Big Brother Brazil, some participants decided to improve their appearance and “fix” their facial imperfections. This is what happened to Bill Araujo in BBB21, Eliezer in BBB22, and now Fred Nicasio, the cabin doctor. BBB23.

However, not all alignments are for “best”. Some of the results turned out to be more disappointing than surprising. Fred Nicasio, who has a very toned face, shocked netizens when she found an old photo of him before the operation. In short, many preferred the earlier version of the Doctor.


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It is worth noting that thanks to his attitude and appearance, the format also earned him the nickname “Carol Concaxo”, comparing Fred’s attitude and Carol Conca, a BBB22 participant, with his chin, which was very visible. After he had plastic surgery.

Through social networks, people are voicing their opinions on the face pairing done by BBB23’s brother. One person said, “My point is… if he’s happy, that’s all that matters…”.
“What a pity for an ugly chin,” lamented another. “Prettier than before, very nice”, “I liked it before”, “It was better before”, are other comments that can be read on the web.

Despite all the criticism, doctors seem to be happy with the outcome of the procedure. However, he is clearly not aware of all the jokes and nicknames that circulate outside the show.

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