Barbara, Winnie or Petal?  Vote for who deserves to be on the country reality show


With Pele Milleflows winning the Farmer’s Race, the entrants competing in the field are determined

Photo: Playback / RecordTV.
Photo: Playback / RecordTV.

The right was formed during the night of last Tuesday (25). Farm 14. Pele Melflos, Petalla, Barbara and Vinnie Patel were the favorites to face the hot seat. And thatHowever, last night, Wednesday (26), the Farmer’s Proof rapper competed against the Poes and eliminated the Farm with a dynamic win.

With inquiries from Farmer Hat, the owner of Hit come here finished Babi, confirming the fierce contest between Vini Patel and Petala Barrios for the seat. On social networks, many netizens celebrated the victory of the Group B member, although Pele employed some allies for daily tasks.

During the dynamic, the participants had to throw balls of different games into a basket and the country that scores the most points will be saved from the sixth field of the reality show. Barbara was the first to confirm in the hot seat, scoring only 700 points. Petala came close to Pele with 2,100 points. However, the rapper completed 2600 before the ball was over.

On social networks, and especially on Twitter, many netizens posted posts asking Barbara to stay on the reality show, as well as declaring their support for Group B. However, many profiles supporting Group A decided to speak out and campaign for the abolition of the puppy. , which made voting fierce. If the survey is not available, tap Here.

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