Barbara Borges welcomes Iran and Andre to the ranch

Barbara Burgess, Who won the fake garden infarm 2022” (RecordTV) welcomes friends Iran Malfitano and Andre Marinho. The participants visited the farm And tell the news.

“This is a fake farm! Sinful,” Andre celebrated. Already the actor, seeing his friend, fell to the ground in tears.

“They gave me this gift!” , celebrate the mob’s chosen pawn to gain new chances in the game.

Iran replied: “People, don’t do that…”.

“They chose to take me here,” the actress celebrated, “and I never get tired of thanking Brazil! When would I like? The three of us, man!”.

Andrei shouted “Babesinia in the game! Damn *”.

Barbara took the opportunity to comment that she had overheard many of the conversations in Group A and that this was the audience’s response.

The former lead singer of Broz commented: “There was no way the audience wouldn’t have seen it.”

At another point, the actress commented that she was already digesting the defeat at the ranch and was accepting Brazil’s choice, while she warned Adrian Galisto that she was fake.

“She said today is not a normal day and people have known for a week that this is a fake garden,” revealed Papi.

The Fake Farm: Why did Barbara Borges choose the farm?

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